March 15 Program Update

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy spring! As temperatures increase and business begins to pick up, we want to help ensure you are completing your projects accurately and in a timely manner. Be sure to check out our important reminders listed below and learn how to properly name your project files when uploading them to the WebApp or VisionDSM. If you have questions about anything noted in this update, please contact your Account Management team.

SCE/SoCalGas Program Updates


One Year Cancellation Policy begins April 1

As previously announced, effective April 1, 2017, if a project has not been completed within a year from the project reservation date, the project is subject to cancellation by the program. Participating Contractors at risk of getting their projects cancelled will be notified well ahead of time so that they are able to take action to prevent this.


Post-Retrofit Submit All August 1 Program Rules Projects by March 31

Any projects that were reserved before January 1, 2017 currently fall under the August 1 Program Rules. To remain eligible for processing under those rules, your project must be post-retrofit submitted in the WebApp by March 31, 2017. Projects post-retrofit submitted April 1, 2017 or later will be processed under the 2017 Program Rules.


HVAC Permits

Per Senate Bill 1414 (SB 1414), proof of closed/finalized permit on HVAC retrofits with an air conditioner, heat pump or their related fans is required for all Advanced Home Upgrade and Home Upgrade projects. Upload this document with your other project documentation during post-retrofit submission. When submitting a project that does not include HVAC retrofits with an air conditioner, heat pump or their related fans, but does include a furnace retrofit, please remember to provide proof that a permit was pulled. Upload this document with your other project documentation during post-retrofit submission.


How to Name Your Project Files for the WebApp and VisionDSM

To ensure that there are no issues with accessing project files and streamline project reviews, please follow these simple guidelines:

1)      Do not use special characters in the file name (e.g., + = \ " < { & %); they can cause the file to not open correctly. If a space is needed to separate words in the file name, please use an underscore (_) or hyphen (-). You may use both upper and lowercase letters, but file names in VisionDSM will appear as all caps.

2)      Name your files descriptively so that reviewers and processors know which document it is before opening it - this helps speed up the review. Including the customer's last name or address in the file name can help you avoid uploading the wrong customer's file.

3)      Keep the energy model ID number in the file name when you download the HPXML file from the energy model.  You may rename the file from the default file name, but please keep the model job number/ID number in your new file name.

4)      Do not combine different documents into one file - your project may be sent back for missing information if a document was not found because it was included in the same file as another document.


Examples of helpful file names:





Snugg12345_audit_John_Smith_2017_02_17 (for HPXML file)

Retrofit_18617_Mary_Jones (for HPXML file)


SoCalGas Updates

Please note that the updates listed for the SCE/SoCalGas program above also apply to the SoCalGas only program.


Home Upgrade Learning Center

Participating Contractors and their staff have access to the online Home Upgrade Learning Center for a variety of free courses in building science and home performance as well as sales and marketing to increase their knowledge and grow their business. Visit the Home Upgrade Learning Center to view current available courses.


BPI GoldStar Seminars

BPI offers educational seminars throughout the year. Courses are presented via webinar, and provide an opportunity for contractors to earn BPI CEUs. These courses are FREE for BPI GoldStar contractors, and are offered at a fee of $50 for other contractors. Upcoming courses include How to Be Wildly Successful in Today's Economy and The Five-Pronged Approach to Successful Lead Generation for Home Performance Contractors. View all upcoming classes and learn more on the BPI GoldStar Contractor Webinars webpage.


Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer (CAEI) Pool Pump Training - SANTA BARBARA

Date: Friday, March 24, 2017

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location: Lake Cachuma Recreation Area, 2225 Hwy 154, Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Are you interested in becoming Utility Certified and participating in Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebates? Join The Foundation of Pool and Spa Industry Education (FPSIE) on March 24 for a training course and become an expert in Pool Pumps.

For more information and to register, click here.  

Watch upcoming newsletters for details on future SCE/SoCalGas Home Upgrade Program training courses!