Important 2017 Program Change

Program Requirement
Thursday, July 13, 2017

Important 2017 Program Change

Joint SCE/SoCalGas Program and SoCalGas-Only Program

Incentive Funds are Rapidly Becoming Limited: Thank you to all Participating Contractors for your continued participation in the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program. Since the beginning of the Program, Participating Contractors have reduced 10,112 metric tons of carbon dioxide and helped over 10,800 homeowners save 14,388,820 kWh and 1,373,842 therms! Due to the overwhelming success and limited incentive funds, the program will need to close early in 2017. It is imperative that you reserve your projects and receive confirmation as soon as possible and before you begin construction to protect your company from liability and maintain your good reputation with your customers. The last day to submit new project reservations will be September 30. The program will resume with new funds in 2018.

Update on Multiple Projects: Multiple project reservations for the same residence (i.e. dual submission) will not be allowed for projects reserved on or after August 15, 2017. For residences seeking credit for multiple HVAC system upgrades, Participating Contractors should submit a single Advanced Home Upgrade project.

SoCalGas Program Requirements and Incentives Aligning with the Joint Program:

The SoCalGas Program requirements and incentives will be revised to align with the Joint SCE/SoCalGas Program for all projects reserved on or after August 15, 2017 and all projects post-retrofit submitted on or after October 1, 2017. These changes are:

Home Upgrade projects:

  • Incentive amounts per measure will match the Joint Home Upgrade Program (non-LADWP and non-Historic Building Energy Efficiency Program (HBEEP) municipal projects will be eligible for 30% of this)
  • Projects with less than 10% energy savings in the Home Upgrade Calculator must reach a minimum incentive amount of $1,200 for LADWP and HBEEP-eligible municipal projects or $360 for municipal projects without HBEEP
  • The Whole Building Air Sealing Leakage Reduction measure minimum in Home Upgrade will increase to 30% (it will remain at 15% in Advanced Home Upgrade)
  • Windows measure will no longer be offered in Home Upgrade (but still available in Advanced Home Upgrade)
  • Bonus incentive for second and third base measures will no longer be offered

Advanced Home Upgrade projects:

  • Base and kickers incentive calculation will be replaced with $130 per percentage energy savings (e.g. 22% energy savings = 22 x $130 = $2,860 incentive)

We will provide you with updated SoCalGas program incentive applications, information sheets, incentive calculators, and a Program Changes Quick Guide and a webinar soon to prepare you for these changes.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact your Account Management team.


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